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The Budding Bluebell environment is an idyllic environment to nurture children, enabling staff to focus strongly on developing and supporting communication and language skills which also helps to support the children's social skills. Regular “News times”  provide the children with the opportunity to talk in front of their peers and share experiences if they wish. The children are also supported and encouraged to serve their own meals and clear their meals away. Throughout the children's nursery day they will be supported  and encouraged with every aspect of self help skills such as dressing and toileting, helping them to become as independent as possible.

Children have access to the big garden and will regularly spend prolonged periods of time outdoors, exploring and investigating all of the different experiences the outdoor environment has to offer.

The Bluebell children will often visit the Pre-school /Rising 3 area of the nursery to spend time within the next area, helping to ease the transition over when the time comes. The children are given the opportunity to access the interactive Smart board and explore both the indoor and outdoor environments.

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