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Below are our policies and procedures. Please click to view and print or download.


Parent Handbook

1. Safeguarding

1A Safeguarding Policy October 2018
1B Intimate Care
1C Uncollected Child
1D Whistleblowing
1E Camera Mobile Phone and Recording Device Use
1F Mobile Phone Policy
1F(a) Monitoring Staff Behaviour Policy
1G Separated Family
1H Alcohol & Substance Misuse
1J E Safety Policy
1L Babysitting

2. Equal Opportunities

2A Inclusion and Equality
2B Special Educational Needs
2C Looked After Children
2D Dealing with Discriminatory Behaviour

3. Health

3A Sickness
3B Immunisations Allergies & Reactions
3D Nappy Changing
3E Nutrition
3F Sleep

4. Supporting Positive Behaviour

4A Promoting Positive Behaviour
4B Biting

5. Safety and Suitability of Premises, Equipment and Environment

5A Health and Safety General Policy
5B (2) Overall Approach to Risk Assessment
5B (3) Risk Assessment Checks
5B (4) Caring for Babies and Toddlers (Under 2’s)
5B (4) Critical Incident
5C Health and Safety in the Office
5D Fire Safety
5E Safety Checks including Resources & Equipment
5F Manual Handling
5G Animal Safety

5H No Smoking Policy

6. Child Safety

6A Visits and Outings
6B Lost Child Procedure from Nursery & Outing
6C Supervision of Children

7A Adverse Weather & Suncare
7B Outdoor Play

8(1) Safe Recruitment of Staff
8A Personnel
8B Staff Development and Training
8C Supervision of staff
8D Staff working with their own children or close relation
8E Students & Volunteers
8F Absence Management Procedure
8G Disciplinary Procedure & Grievance
8I Accident & First Aid

9A Settling In & Transitions

9B The Role of the Key Person and Settling In
9C Use of dummies in Nursery

10 1 Early Years Prospectus
10A Admissions
10B Confidentiality
10C Access and Storage of Information
10D Complaints & Compliments
10E Conflict Resolution
10F Bereavement
10G Human Resources

11B Early Learning Opportunities Statement
11D Listening To Children
11F Observation, Planning and Assessment
11G Outdoor Play and Learning
11H Play & Learning
11J Tapestry
11K EY Log

12B Sustainable Practice

CCTV Policy